Following on from their revolutionary work in temperature monitoring and control for rotomoulding, 493K presents the desktop RotoRocket! This amazing tool is an absolute must for any rotomoulder. Allowing you to visually watch and monitor the process, it is ideal for staff training and induction sessions, customer demonstrations, problem solving, powder flow testing, experimentation and much more.

  • Observe powder flow
  • Monitor temperatures
  • Check lay up
  • Observe foam blowing
  • Perform tests on part
  • Look at release point
  • Check rotation effects
  • Use microscope on melt
  • Check your graphics

Accelerate your in-house product development with the analysis of new materials, multilayers, powder & micro-pellet configurations all without interrupting production machinery!

Inspire your operators to ask questions, take an interest in the process and rapidly become the problem solvers on the shop floor.

The RotoRocket banishes boring induction days for new employees. On the RotoRocket they can see what’s happening and learn how to apply graphics, calculate shot weights for different part thicknesses, process and demould their own parts and all while tracking the internal mould air temperature in real time.

Use it as a demonstration unit in the boardroom and show customers the process in action, highlighting the difficulties and the attractions of rotomoulding, the limitations and the possibilities. RotoRocket: the new Boardroom attraction in any rotomoulding plant.

RotoRocket comes in two models:

RotoRocket Production

This model is primarily for visual learning demonstrations and comes with basic temperature measurement.

RotoRocket Science

This model comes with 493K’s own temperature monitoring software and USB microscope for more advanced experimentation.


Infra-red photo showing heat concentration at the centre of the mould.

(IR Camera not included)


Mould cylinders approximately 95mm Diameter x 150mm Long.


Live Recording of inner mould air temperatures using 493K’s K-KORD Software.

(RotoRocket Science only)