Temperature Process Control for Rock ‘n Roll. Upgrade your machine, the intelligent way.

  • Optimise heating & cooling cycles
  • Eliminate temp-based scrap
  • Check mould temperatures in real time
  • Diagnostics on troublesome mouldings


K-Rock can measures the temperatures of the mould on a rock n’ roll machine for the purposes of scheduling, diagnostics or R&D.

K-Rock is easy to install with its wireless data link.Additional automation can be installed using our K-Face product to output control signals to your machine.

What is K-Rock?

K-Rock is a radio based system that continuously measures mould temperature, 24/7, on rock n’ roll machines. It is permanently fixed to the end of the rolling shaft away from the heat of the oven and thus does not require coolant packs for the electronics. K-Rock measures the exact temperatures of up to 4 points on a mould.

How is it installed?

K-Rock is easily self installed. The radios are attached to the end of the shaft as shown in the diagram below. Thermocouple wire runs from the mould down through the centre of the shaft and exits at the end of the shaft where the radios are positioned. Radio telemetry is used to avoid wiring in and around the rotomoulding machine and to keep on-site installation time to a minimum. The telemetry is powered by batteries, which have a life of up to one months.

Can K-Rock control our machine?

K-ROCK in its basic form will output temperatures to the operators. These temperature can be output in serial ASCII format. The moulder can then modify their machines to use the K-ROCK temperatures for control. Some rotomoulding machinery manufacturers have this temperature integration and control software included.

Alternatively 493K can supply their K-FACE advanced controller that will provide up to 24 relay outputs that alarm when the user-set temperatures are reached (set in Machine Control within K-KORD).

K-ROCK™ – Radio Modules
Mechanical Specification Thermo-mechanical Specifications
Enclosure Nominal Measurement Range 0°C (32°F) to +350°C (+572°F)
Transmitter Dimensions ?MM ?MM x?mm Range (+572°F)
Enclosure Material ABS plastic contained with steel outer Protection Accuracy +/- 4.0°C (7.20°F)
Rating IP65 (protection against dust ingress and water jets) Resolution 0.5°C (0.90°F)
Transmitter Weight 1kg Operating Temperature Range 0°C (32°F) to +65°C (+149°F)
No. of Channels 4 Thermocouples