Portable process control when and where you need it arming you with accurate temperature and pressure measurement data.

  • Optimise heating & cooling cycles
  • Reduce wastage
  • Check safety levels of mould pressures in real time
  • Increase productivity
  • Provide diagnostic checks on troublesome mouldings.
  • Coolant packs prevent overheating of electronics in high oven temperatures.
  • Advanced data recording and display software (Windows 8)

K-Paq™ Models (weights shown with no Coolant Packs)

Standard (11kg)

5 cycles of 20 minutes at 350C (662°F)
…then change coolant packs.

Junior (7.5kg)

3 cycles of 20 minutes at 350C (662°F)
…then change coolant packs.

K-PAQ Junior 2


2 cycles of 20 minutes at 350C (662°F)
…then change coolant packs.


Extreme (8.8kg)

For extended oven cycles for 3 hours at 350C (662°F)
…then change coolant packs.



K-PAQ™ is a 4 channel portable device that conveniently attaches to a rotational mould, measuring mould pressure via the vent pipe and mould temperature via type K thermocouples. This is done in real time, allowing the moulder to identify faults immediately and observe the response of the mould to changes in processing variables. The user can mount up to 4 K-PAQ transmitters on a machine, enabling up to 16 temperature channels and 4 pressure channels to be recorded at any one time.

Mechanical Specification
Pressure Measurement

Range: 0 – 0.5 x 105 N/m2 (0 – 0.5Bar; 0 – 7P.S.I)

Accuracy: +/-0.007 x 105 N/m2 (0.007Bar; 0.1 P.S.I.)

Resolution: 0.007 x 105 N/m2 (0.007Bar; 0.1 P.S.I.)

No. of Channels: 1 Gauge Pipe Line Connected to Pressurised Mould

Temperature Measurement

Range: 0C (32°F) to +350C (+662°F)

Accuracy: +/- 4.0C (7.20°F)

Resolution: 0.5C (0.90°F)

No. of Channels: 4 Differential Thermocouples

Range: Up to 100m in free air; in oven range typical 30m

Frequency: UHF Low Power License Exempt (417.900-418.100MHz, 433.720-434.120MHz, 800Mhz)


Standard: 4 temp channels; 1 pressure channel.

Junior: 3 temp channels.

Mini: 3 temp channels.

Extreme: 3 temp channels.

Enclosure Nominal Dimensions

Standard: 220mm (8.7”) DIA x 365mm (14.4”) HEIGHT

Junior: 220mm (8.7”) DIA x 205mm (8.1”) HEIGHT

Mini: 305mm (12”) WIDTH x 170mm (6.7”) LENGTH x 145mm (5.7”) HEIGHT

Extreme: 250mm (9.8”) WIDTH x 275mm (10.8”) LENGTH x 215mm (8.5”) HEIGHT

Enclosure Material

Stainless Steel

Protection Rating

IP65 (protection against dust ingress and water jets)