Vent Mounted, peak temperature recorded.
Certified and filed… job done.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that the peak internal mould air temperature gives a good indication of whether or not a polyethylene rotomoulded part is correctly cured.

K-Label provides a simple quality control method to check that the moulding has obtained correct cure and avoided under or over curing.

  • Avoid under curing
  • Avoid over Curing

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How to read K-LABEL

K-LABEL Basic displays three separate squares of thermographic ink that which will permanently change colour when they reach a specific temperature.

Using K-LABEL Basic for normal roto-grades of polyethylene, correct cure will be indicated when the bottom two squares have turned from white to black. This indicates that a peak internal mould air temperature of 204℃ has been reached. If no squares, or only one square, of ink has changed colour, the part will probably be under-cured. If all three squares have changed colour, the part will probably be over-cured.

K-LABEL Advanced comes with eight squares of thermographic ink. The advanced label provides a much wider range of measurement allowing for more precise control. It will also accommodate cure of other polymer grades.