Benchtop Rotomoulding Machine
  • Test your production materials off-line.
  • Full service access at ambient temperatures
  • Intelligent axis control ensures difficult to mould features are a thing of the past.
  • Temperature based control
  • Intelligent automation
  • Uses conventional moulds
  • Internal mould atmosphere control (includes pressurisation and internal cooling)


K-KREATOR helps material suppliers to standardise processing parameters since mouldings are produced in a controlled and repeatable environment.

K-KREATOR helps educationalists to teach and train students about our industry.

K-KREATOR helps rotomoulders develop new products off-line.


493K Limited is releasing a unique and novel bench top laboratory rotational moulding machine that will accommodate cycle reducing and quality enhancing features in order to provide a learning foundation for the rotational moulder to move their process forward to an advanced level.

Significant savings and cycle time reductions can be had with the implementation of various process enhancing features, e.g. internal pressurisation, internal cooling, powder preheating, etc.

K-KREATOR makes it possible to add these techniques to the process and achieve the major steps necessary to advance our industry.