Permanent Temperature Control

High temperature sliprings for transmission of mould temperatures enabling the rotational moulder to:

  • Optimise heating and cooling cycles
  • Reduce the number of reject parts
  • Increase the number of parts made per day
  • Provide diagnostic checks on troublesome mouldings

K-KONTROL now comes with now comes with heavy plate design to protect against mis-use and rough handling.

Lets go to work…

What is K-KONTROL?

K-KONTROL is a high temperature slipring that attaches permanently to the arm of your rotomoulding machine. It continuously measures mould temperature, 24/7. K-KONTROL measures the exact temperatures of up to two moulds on all arms simultaneously (up to 8 temperatures on a four arm machine), giving an overview of the process for the purposes of optimisation of production scheduling, diagnostics or R&D.

What is K-KONTROL?

K-KONTROL can be pre-installed on your new machine. We can work in conjunction with your machine manufacturer to install K-KONTROL at their factory.

K-KONTROL can be retrofitted in your plant.

K-KONTROL can be shipped direct to your plant and self-installed with support from 493K. Thermocouple wire runs from the head of the plate down through the centre of the arm and exits at the end of the arm where the rotary air joints are positioned. Battery powered radios are used to avoid wiring in and around the rotomoulding machine and to keep on-site installation time to a minimum.

The following diagram shows the general path of the thermocouples

Can it control your machine?

Yes, K-KONTROL can provide temperature information for the machine controls, via an RS232 serial link or you can use our K-FACE for a more operator friendly alarming device.


The Windows 7 compatible software comes with recording, displaying and data exporting facilities. There are further addon

K-CONTROL™ – High Temperature Slip Ring Module
Mechanical Specification Technical Specification
Contact Life 10,000 hrs (300C (572°F) at 2rpm) Measurement Temperature Range 0C (32°F) to +300C (+572°F)
Enclosure Nominal Dimensions 100mm on Plate Radius; <50mm on Plate Height Accuracy +/- 4.0C (7.20°F)
Enclosure Material Coated Mild Steel Resolution 0.5C (0.90°F)
Protection Rating IP65 (protection against dust ingress and water jets) Operating Temperature Range 0C (32°F) to +300C (+572°F)
Weight 60 – 90kg (Depending on model) No. of Channels 2 Thermocouples