Mould temperature alarm system for operators. See and Hear.

  • Four alarm relays for basic machine control based on temperature data from K-Paq, K-Kontrol & K-Rock.
  • Audible & visual interface for operators.
  • Can alarm when to drop the 2nd shot & when to remove arm from oven.
  • Can alarm when to apply internal air pressurisation & when to remove arm from cooler.
  • Use with or without PC.
  • Digital display shows the temperature inside the mould in real time.

What is K-Face?

K-Face is an LCD screen output that displays the temperature on one channel to the machine operator. This alerts the operators as to when the mould is ready to be removed from the oven (or, in the case of an open-flame machine, when to turn off the gas) and when to exit the the cooler.

It also has one further intermediary alarm in the oven which can be used to tell the operator when to drop the second shot of material and one in the cooler which could be used to tell the operator when to turn the compressed air on, say for internal mould cooling. It is a self-contained box that can sit by the control panel.

Alarm Alarm Temperature
(choose one temperature for each alarm)
1 130°C (266°F), 140°C (284°F),
150°C (302°F), 160°C (320°F).
2 180°C (356°F), 190°C (374°F),
200°C (392°F), 210°C (410°F).
3 120°C (248°F), 130°C (266°F),
140°C (284°F), 150°C (302°F).
4 80°C (176°F), 90°C (194°F),
100°C (212°F), 110°C (230°F).
K-FACE™ – Features
Mechanical Specification
Installation Self (plug and play)
Temperature Input channels One per K-Face box
Normal Heating Process Indicator Solid GREEN lamp
Prepare to drop 2nd shot of material or exit oven Solid AMBER lamp & siren
Exit Oven Now alarm (overcook imminent) Solid RED lamp & siren
Normal Cooling Process Indicator Flashing GREEN lamp
Prepare to pressurise mould or exit cooler Flashing AMBER lamp & siren
Exit Cooler Now alarm Flashing RED lamp & siren