RotoRocket – Now Available With Optional Hexagonal Mould!

A uni-axial benchtop rotational moulding machine, complete with glass mould and an optional hexagonal mould!

demonstrate – educate – experiment

Experience the rotomoulding process, as rarely seen before, through the RotoRocket’s unique glass mould. The RotoRocket comes complete with integrated heaters and temperature monitoring. 

This means that a full rotomoulding part can be made and observed not only by temperature but also with the human eye! Ideal for staff training & induction sessions, problem solving & material testing. The RotoRocket is a must for any rotomoulder.

We now supply a number of different mould types, hexagonal stainless steel (SS304) & cylindrical stainless steel (SS304) as well as the standard cylindrical high temperature glass.

The stainless steel moulds provide for a much more even wall thickness of polymer and produce an excellent sample with closer characteristics to the real thing.

The hexagon moulded part can also be cut up and used for mechanical tests, for example to test new materials or simply for educational demonstration.

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