Polivinil’s New Research Facility

493K was in Italy for the opening of Polivinil’s new testing facility near Milan. Showcasing their new ECO machine, Polivinil provided more than 60 moulders with clear proof that the shape of the rotomoulding market is determined by investment, and the application of new technologies. Moulders visiting the Cerano plant came from Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Russia, and Turkey.

Dr Gareth McDowell, 493K’s Managing Director said Polivinil’s recently released ECO machine, which is currently on the market, lifts the rotomoulding experience to a new level, bringing rotomoulding into step with contemporary plastics processes. “We are delighted that Polivinil’s new ECO machine comes with K-KONTROL fully integrated on all arms of the machine, a truly controlled rotomoulding machine, allowing the moulder the critical benefit of properly cured parts,” added McDowell.

Also showcasing advanced products at Polivinil’s seminar, LaPlastecnica presented their internal water misting system. Rory Jones, the Managing Director and designer of the SUPACOOL unit, demonstrated how cycle times can be reduced. Jones explained how, “…cycle times of up to 30% can be achieved with the internal cooling power of SUPACOOL.” The unit is energised before each cycle and the cooling power of the water’s evaporation makes it possible for a single litre of fluid to cool a large tank.

SUPACOOL begins cooling once compressed air is switched on in the arm. On Polivinil’s ECO machine internal cooling can be temperature controlled ensuring that consistent cooling is achieved automatically every cycle. Further information on SUPACOOL can be found at www.laplastecnica.co.nz or at their European distributors www.dram.it.

Showcasing their new pneumatic and magnetic clamps, Boca s.r.l., manufacturer of aluminium cast mouldings, illustrated how their clamps are designed to be used in rotomoulding’s high temperature environments. Boca impressed the audience with their advanced grasp of this technology. More information at: www.bocaitaly.it

Polyethylenes got a star turn when Derek Cornils of GEPOC moulded several examples of his wood flour filled compound. Cornils showed moulders how this new material could be used for plant pots, buoyancy aids, sound proofing and even coffins. With 80% of the material being wood, the product is regarded as being ‘biodegradable’, attracting many new and novel products, and moving rotomoulding further into the ‘Green’ category. Further information can be found at: www.gepoc.com

Polivinil explained that the new ECO machine features a cooling station with silent running cooling fans; and fine misting nozzles enabling precise cooling control. In the oven, Polivinil has enhanced wall insulation and added tight silicone seals around the doors and arm travel slots, making for a more efficient and quieter experience. The oven burner stops when no arm is present, saving enormous amounts of gas especially for unbalanced cycles. Also incorporated into the oven system is a high pressure jet fan, strategically located in the roof of the oven to avoid the need for vortex air-movers dotted around the mould. The ‘brain’ of the machine rotates and aligns with whichever part of the mould needs extra assistance to heat-up. The fan delivers approximately 400-times the airflow that is obtained from a vortex air-mover.

Variable frequency drives are fitted as standard, lowering motor start-up energy consumption. The major added benefit of this is that the machine brain can adjust the frequency of the drives to dial in specific heating and cooling rates.

Polivinil also highlighted ECO’s regeneration drives for its motors, which reclaim significant energy output, energy that would otherwise be lost during braking. This energy can now be reused for the machine absorption, or if in surplus, for other supplies of the factory.

All presenters at Polivinil’s seminar can be contacted directly for further information. If you are interested in more information about ‘Kontrolling’ your rotomoulding process, contact: gareth.mcdowell@493k.com.

493K, Taking Kontrol of Rotational Moulding