9th September 2022

493K Are Back On The Road Again…!

493K are back on the road again. In the coming months we will be visiting Dusseldorf & Atlanta. Drop us an email or send us a message on LinkedIn to arrange a catch-up! Dr. Gareth will be at the K Show, Dusseldorf, Germany from 19th – 26th October.  Dr. Gareth will be at the ARM Fall Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia […]

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27th July 2022

K-Face – Mould Temperature Alarm Interface For Operators

What is K-Face? K-Face Basic is an LCD screen Temperature Alarm Interface that displays the temperature on one channel to the machine operator. This alerts the operator as to when the mould is ready to be removed from the oven (or, in the case of an open-flame machine, when to turn off the gas) and […]

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14th July 2022


Vent Mounted, peak air temperature recorded. Certified and filed… job done. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the peak internal mould air temperature gives a good indication of the state of the rotomoulded part. K-Label provides a simple quality control method to check that the moulding has obtained correct cure and avoided under or over curing. […]

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