Why we started…

493K has been providing solutions for the rotational moulding industry since 2003, helping to reduce scrap rates, improve part quality and increase profits for their customers. 493K was established to exploit the engineering research and development work necessary to do this, which was formerly undertaken at the Rotational Moulding Research Centre, Queen’s University in Belfast, United Kingdom.

Our attitude to change…

Recognising the industry as dynamic and listening to ever-changing customer needs, are two factors that have helped 493K stay at the top of the field. As rotational moulding evolves into new, more technically demanding sectors, process control is becoming increasingly important. 493K is on hand to apply its knowledge and experience to all new challenges that may arise within your company. Offering the most comprehensive solutions on the market, the company has gained business in emerging geographical markets in recent years and continues to develop new ways to meet the needs of moulders across the globe.


Gareth McDowell – 493K

We work continually with our customers…

Building relationships with customers is an essential key to our success at 493K. No two moulders have identical needs, so good communication is essential to ensure our customers get the most from their 493K equipment. It is a commitment taken very seriously within the company and every continuing effort is made to maintain these relationships and develop them further into the future as our customers’ businesses evolve.


In 2009, the company started to offer rotomoulding-specific consultancy services to help moulders:

  • cut scrap rates;
  • reduce cycle times;
  • improve process optimisation.

As technology advances, it is inevitable that rotational moulding will continue to evolve and change. At 493K, there is a dedication to monitoring these changes and to continually provide the best solutions to meet all future challenges with inventive and efficient design.