About 493K

493K Limited was established in August 2003 as an independent commercial enterprise exploiting engineering research and development work formerly undertaken at the Rotational Moulding Research Centre, Queen’s University in Belfast, United Kingdom. Since 2003, 493K has been providing solutions for Process Control throughout the rotational moulding industry.

  • Optimise cycle times
  • Troubleshoot scrap problems
  • Identify machine faults & inefficiencies
  • Balance spiders
  • Improve process control & efficiency
  • Adjust for changes in ambient conditions
  • Reduce new product set-up times

Latest News

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493K K-METRON Thickness tester for rotomoulders! https://t.co/rS4Qg9RLlP via @YouTube
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Featured Products

Permanent Temperature Control

High temperature sliprings for transmission of mould temperatures enabling the rotational moulder to:

  • Optimise heating and cooling cycles
  • Reduce the number of reject parts
  • Increase the number of parts made per day
  • Provide diagnostic checks on troublesome mouldings

K-KONTROL now comes with now comes with heavy plate design to protect against mis-use and rough handling.

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Mould Ready Indication

Mould temperature alarm system for operators. See and Hear.

  • Four alarm relays for basic machine control based on temperature data from K-PAQ, K-KONTROL & K-ROCK.
  • Audible & visual interface for operators.
  • Can alarm when to drop the 2nd shot & when to remove arm from oven.
  • Can alarm when to apply internal air pressurisation & when to remove arm from cooler.
  • Use with or without PC.
  • Digital display shows the temperature inside the mould in real time.

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Portable Temperature & Pressure Monitoring

Portable process control when and where you need it arming you with accurate temperature and pressure measurement data.

  • Optimise heating & cooling cycles
  • Reduce wastage
  • Check safety levels of mould pressures in real time
  • Increase productivity
  • Provide diagnostic checks on troublesome mouldings.
  • Coolant packs prevent overheating of electronics in high oven temperatures.
  • Advanced data recording and display software (Windows 8)

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24hr Temperature Measuring

Temperature Process Control for Rock ‘n Roll. Upgrade your machine, the intelligent way.

  • Optimise heating & cooling cycles
  • Eliminate temp-based scrap
  • Check mould temperatures in real time
  • Diagnostics on troublesome mouldings

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